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Square Leather Drink Coaster - set 2


Boldly cut pieces of top-quality leather are transformed by our craftsmen into drink coasters. Their uniqueness is accentuated by the fact that they are made of high quality full grain or horse leather, which we select each time individually - so that they perfectly match the character and needs of the customer. When processed properly, these raw pieces in a matte whisky colour turn into accessories that can accompany you in many everyday situations. Imagine it accompanying you during a morning with coffee or tea, while the sun's rays dance across your unique coaster, bringing out its most beautiful colours. Immerse yourself in thoughts of how you end your day with your favourite beverage by moodily dimmed light.  These are brief moments of respite that soothe your senses, allowing you to enjoy the smell of ground coffee or the taste of freshly brewed tea.



Set of three leather coasters with one holder. Each set is made to individual order.

Every coaster is unique - our deliberate intention is to emphasize their fit to the owner and their unique character.



Average diagonal: 10 cm



Full Grain Leather/Horse Leather



Abrasion Resistance, skid resistance, antisepsis.

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