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Leather bookmark 4


From the office to the classroom to the living room, this genuine customized leather bookmark is a stylish and practical way to keep track of your reading.

When used to separate chapters or write notes, the tassel design makes it simple to find and catch your attention, allowing you to spend less time searching for pages while reading or marking.


  • When rubbed or scratched, this leather bookmark gets marked, giving it a distinct vintage appearance; wipe it clean and the patterns disappear.


  • You may personalise your leather book mark with your favourite colour leather to use as a page separator in journals, notebooks, and diaries There is a wide variety of colours available.


  • Each leather bookmark is one-of-a-kind, allowing you to retain your position in your favourite novel, study book, or diary easily and elegantly.


  • To add to the vintage-inspired look of these beautiful reading markers, each leather bookmarker is embellished with a natural leather ribbon. Great book accessories that may be used in any book, novel, magazine, dictionary, or other similar publication.


  • The basic form of these leather bookmarks allows them to be easily integrated into a variety of different types of books; they are useful for marking your book page so that you don't miss any details and convenient for reading the next time you pick up the book.


  • Our leather bookmarks are handcrafted from full grain horse leather of the highest quality available. Vegetable-tanned leather is made using natural ingredients that are sourced from nature


The leather bookmarks are free of fur and have a smooth touch surface. This horse leather bookmark will not slip easily and will remain securely in place, allowing you to keep track of your previous pages. It is a thoughtful present for friends, children, students, and other bookworms in your circle of friends

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