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Aurora leather wallet


Wallet is the item that most of us must have along us wherever we go. Especially while going out for travel or shopping, a wallet is unavoidable accessory that we prefer to carry with us.

Items you choose actually reflect your personality. While choosing a wallet – that is a companion to every journey – things you must consider are the quality and space. If you are buying an amazingly expensive wallet that is not spacious and handy then it is almost of no use.

A wallet must be having the capacity to hold all the cards that are taken along with us while going out. These cards include business cards, identity card, ATM card and several others that are a must-carry thing while going out.Also, there must be enough volume in the wallet to keep the money in form of cash. So, not only the quality and material but also the volume matters a lot.

To combine the refinement, luxury and quality in the single item, Grand Cru Executive presents you the Aurora wallet – a luxury travel wallet with the richness of genuine leather and generous volume.


You can order this 19cm long luxury travel wallet online in just £37.01 that is far less price as compared to the richness and refinement of the product.
Aurora leather wallet contains the excellence of indigenous interior and the dignified exteriors as it’s the slim and spacious at the same time.
Not only the beauty but the durability of the product must be preferred while finalizing the purchase and luxury leather wallet by Grand Cru Executive is the product you may have wished for.
Not only it is handy and convenient to carry - obviously in the pocket - but also has enough pockets and slots to compensate the cards you want to carry with you all the time

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