Our Philisophy

Grand Cru Executive is not just a shop with luxury products.

It’s primarily the sum of many years of the owner’s experiences. Bartosz Kaczyński gained knowledge in co-creating brands such as the Kaczyński Investment Group. Working on huge projects and holding responsible positions he has become a solid foundation for the creation of another company. At that time, the founder managed to learn the specificity of clients and their needs from the premium segment.

The Grand Cru Executive online shop is a website where every, even the most demanding customer, will find exclusive goods fitting into his taste and guaranteeing the aura of prestige and luxury. It was founded in response to the needs of businessmen and other men who value to surround themselves with unique items. So far such sites have not been common on the internet. Out of concern for the expectations of exceptional customers, Grand Cru Executive has been created.

Many years of continual and ineffective search for a place that will coherently combine the passion for running and traveling with luxury goods, pushed Bartosz Kaczyński into radical steps. He founded a shop that meets the expectations of customers from the premium segment. Professional service cares about the maximum simplification of the ordering process because you realize that unique people usually struggle with the problem of time shortage.

Grand Cru Executive is a place where you will not only get valuable items but will also meet with the professionalism of your employees. The store also boasts the perfect proportions between the high availability of products from renowned brands such as Prada, Armani or Cohiba, and an individual approach to the customer, as in the international manufacturer’s salon.
Grand Cru Executive is not only a shopping destination for exceptional customers but also a sanctuary without stresses and everyday duties. Everyone who visits it will meet with an individual approach as well as thorough and comprehensive advice.

Luxury clocks, clothing and leather goods from the best global designers or unique furniture are the only few examples of products that will affect the creation of a prestige around the place where they will be. However, Grand Cru Executive is not only about effective sales, numbers, symbols or an ordinary company. It is a brand that treats customer relations as its priority, and the overriding value that is guided by it is the trust of the site’s visitors. Professional shop service every day seeks validity and builds positive ties with people doing shopping. The store clearly focuses on quality, not quantity. Each client is treated with due diligence and an individual approach. Shopping at Grand Cru Executive allows you to create a community that appreciates the prestige, luxury, and accompanying products.

Satisfaction of customers will always be our priority. That’s why the shop has only products from well-known producers. We carefully analyze each offer so that we do not offer to our community products which may disappoint its members. Completing the assortment that is gradually expanding is the responsible task, and we want to do it with the utmost care!

Every entrepreneur managing the company is characterized by specific character traits. However, only the composition of the few most important guarantees the success of its business. The founder’s mentality is the set of the most desirable values that will guarantee success for the enterprise. The Grand Cru Executive was also created in accordance with them. The reference foundation for good results is an innovative vision of manageability, not just the desire to survive on the market. Bartosz Kaczyński created a place that has never been there. The store created and managed by him offers products from the premium segment and collects exceptionally demanding customers from almost the whole world.

The constant striving for perfection and improving the skills of employees through mentoring is the key to building positive relationships. Ties with clients, taking care of their needs, constant analysis of problems and then solving them will guarantee many benefits.
A dedicated user will become not only a buyer but also a partner who jointly creates a community of exceptional people. Mutual trust only increases the willingness to purchase but also brings together this unique group.