About Us

a The Grand Cru Executive shop was created with a view to unique people. That’s why its offer includes luxury goods and premium products that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Purchases of exclusive goods allow effective distraction from everyday duties and facilitate effective relaxation. The service of this prestigious shop knows how to take care of all users who value every minute of their day and maximally simplify the shopping process so that no one has to waste too much free time.

The Grand Cru Executive client is extremely busy every day but remains satisfied. Time spent with family provides him with the most joy and carefully cultivates the ties that connect him with the family. In the vastness of everyday duties, every common moment is worth its weight in gold. The staff of the shop is aware of this and they constantly try to make the ordering process run smoothly.

Hard and responsible work allows him for the purchase of luxury goods, such as jewelry, Swiss watches, leather goods and alcohol. Real estate, multi-million investment or risk analysis is his everyday life. In keeping the balance between rest and earning, it helps to surround yourself with luxury goods. That’s why he collects prestigious paintings, sculptures, and unique furniture. Many prestigious products can also be purchased at the Grand Cru Executive.


Carrying out the plan in a precise way helps in gathering a fortune and collecting memories. The customer of the shop with prestigious products always goes straight to the destination on the path they have set. He is decisive and he requires the same from co-workers, contractors and all others who interact with him.
Deciding to buy jewelry, watch or gallantry, he chooses a product that meets his expectations and does not waste time on unnecessary activities, preferring to use it more productively.
The presence and impeccable appearance are as important in business as the broad spectrum of competences. Clothing from recognized producers from all over the world, as well as leather accessories from all European fashion capitals, allow building around you the aura of prestige that significantly facilitates negotiations. Apart from them, on Grand Cru Executive one can also purchase Swiss watches and jewelry that will complete all styles of real gentlemen.

Our clients belong to the group that values time spent in their own home. Due to the duties related to work, investments and the development of business, they enjoy free time in a much more effective way than the rest of society. The family man, who is calm and laid-back, will definitely want to use the highest quality products in his house. After many hours of fulfilling the duties and time spent with loved ones, comes a moment of relaxation. The office is equipped with decorations that offer an aura of aesthetics and a comfortable armchair created by a renowned designer are ideal conditions for a moment of respite. To achieve full happiness and a sense of bliss you only need a favorite book and a Cuban cigar that you can buy on the Grand Cru Executive.


The offer of this online shop also allows finding a unique gift. . Regardless of whether the gift will be for a wife, children or business  partner it should be unique and suited to the recipient. The co-worker will certainly appreciate the bottle of a prestigious alcohol, while for the wife, the element of jewelry from the wide Grand Cru Executive offer will be perfect. The closest deserve best of the best!
Furniture with a soul, luxury alcohols, unique accessories, and jewelry, as well as clothing from world fashion houses are goods that accompany special people at every step. These are the Grand Cru Executive clients who value the aura of prestige, uniqueness and every free moment of their free time.