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Bernardo V Wallet in cow leather


Wallets are almost the part of essentials that every man carries while going outside. A luxury leather wallet not only reflects your personality but also the choice that you made while buying it.

Grand Cru Executive – an online store that is best known for its luxury travel bags in the UK – presents you with the most genuine and elegant piece of pure leather.

Quality has its language and that language is spoken by the Bernardo V Wallet. The excellence of material and fineness of composition are combined in a single product.

A leather wallet - made of pure cow leather - not only contains elegance but also durability. A quality companion while going out can be the choice of everyone and so this wallet is.

When it comes to giving him a present, this luxury leather wallet can be the best product to be given as a gift.

Salient features of Bernardo V Wallet

Made up of luxurious natural leather embellished with patina craftsmanship makes it a superb piece to be kept along with you.
Too roomy to be perfect for keeping the daily essentials and too slim to be fit into a pocket with ease and convenience.
Brown hue reflects the richness of fine leather that also adds to strength and durability.
A luxury wallet with a price of £59.68 is too affordable to be imagined and combines the features of being cheaper and elegantly durable.
Central zip prevents the essential for leaking and the pockets for credit cards or business cards make it more generous regarding the storage.
Buttons also add to the safety of the accessories that you keep in your inside pocket.
Hardware is made in such a way that the parts made of metal are not vulnerable to rusting or discoloration.

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