How we make our Leather Bookmarks ?

Among all the products in our offer, you will also find leather bookmarks. They are great gifts at school events, universities, libraries or family reunions.

The first and most important step in creating our bookmarks is choosing a skin. We use Full Grain Leather to make each of our products. It is a vegetable rake

When making our tabs, we use tools such as LEATHER STRAP CUTTER to cut and cut strips. This makes it easier for us to control the quality and process of making our tabs.

Coloring of bookmarks
We apply about four layers of leather dye to the leather straps using a cloth applicator attached to a wooden block. Once the dye has dried, a skin conditioner is applied to the skin using the sponge applicator. The skin conditioner we use is NEATSFOOT OIL. However, in the case of conditioning oil, it is better to apply several light applications than one heavy one. Too much oil will darken the skin too much.

Custom leather pleat cutting

In addition to the standard offer, we prepare non-standard patterns. For this, we prepare a pattern. We order a custom-made die from the pattern we have developed. Then, when cutting leather shapes, we use a hydraulic cutting press called a clicker. Place the die on the skin and the machine head swings over it. When two buttons are pressed, multiple tones of pressure pierce the knife through the skin. When you release the pressure, the sponge rubber slides the leather tab from the knife. I associate the use of a die with the use of a mold to cut out shapes.

Leather bookmarks with print

In order to print on our leather tab, we use a pneumatic hot press. It is a press that drops down to a predetermined height with numerous tones of pressure. For this reason, the leather we purchase must have a very consistent thickness throughout the skin, otherwise the press will push the imprint too deep or too deep.

Before each shipment, before our leather bookmarks are shipped, they are checked for quality. We check not only the quality of the print and the evenness of dyeing. First of all, we check the quality of the leather to avoid cuts or marks. Any bookmarks that fail to meet our required high standards are rejected and new bookmarks are created to replace them.

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