How to protect our Full Grain Leather bags and accessories

So are you the happy owner of your first grain leather wallet? Surely the soft finish suddenly made every purse or wallet in your wardrobe ranked second. Full grain leather ranks two grades above genuine leather, the highest quality leather money can buy. Moreover, the quality comes right after the Shell Cordovan leather

To keep our leather bags and accessories in perfect harmony, we have prepared a leather care guide for you, so that your bag or wallet always looks its best, even on the rainiest days.

First of all, two stages of grain leather care are very important. The first and most important step is to protect it with a special waterproofing device. Due to the fact that leather is permeable, it will never be completely waterproof. One good example of a product to use is Collonil Carbon Pro every 6-8 weeks. Thanks to this, we will prevent the formation of stains

A good way is to avoid heavy downpours during the rainy season. For one simple reason. Leather will never be 100% waterproof

The second step is to moisturize the skin with an appropriate conditioner

When the grain leather starts to look very dry or you want to polish the scratches, it will be very important to condition the leather. In this case, the grain leather should be polished every 8-12 weeks, thanks to a high-quality leather conditioner. In this case, we prefer Chamberlain's Leather Milk. The reason is their moisturizing formula. And it is also free from harsh chemicals and gives the skin a beautiful patina shine over time.

Of the very important tips for maintaining leather bags and wallets, as well as other accessories, this is

* We store our leather bags and accessories with a special bag. Thanks to this, we will protect against moisture and change of heat or cold. When we are not going to use it.
* Before you apply a specific preparation on the entire bag, it is worth testing the care treatment on an inconspicuous area of ​​the bag
* Never use heat, such as a dryer, etc. Let the bag dry naturally. Direct heat will dry the skin and it can become brittle.
* Do not expose the bag to direct sunlight as this may change the color of the skin

It is very important that your bag may have a scratch or a stain, this is normal for grain leather. It is worth remembering that leather is tanned using natural or biological (organic) solutions and is practically unsealed at the end of the tanning process. In our opinion, scratches or marks on the skin are quite a natural aspect of our products. Even such scratches and scratches add a kind of uniqueness and uniqueness to a specific product.

The same goes for skin color. Due to the natural methods of tanning and manufacturing our hides, the color may vary slightly

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