Difference features of the Leather

Often, when we ask about features related to the skin, we have different associations. Due to the complexities and terminology, that's for sure. Sometimes the fuss about fashion does its job

Italy that they are not covered with leather. As a country, they are known for their innovative number of chrome-tanned (chemical) and vegetable skinning. For this reason, a large part of the industrial industry is sourced from Italy.

Different leather qualities on the market. Therefore, we recommend this before purchasing. Despite the fact that there is an imaginary brand name in place. This does not mean that the quality of the quality used is of the quality.

There are types of leather quality on the market

* Full grain leather
* Leather is best, which has a luxurious, smooth surface and has little, if any, flaws.
* Top grain leather
* Correcting grain leather
* Bonded grain leather

In addition, we can come across classifications that can be used in the skin:

* 1st class - it is the highest quality and guaranteed, but it comes from only 13% leather
* 2nd class - it is good, fair value and makes up 30% of leather
* 3rd class - there is a class and it constitutes 32% of leather
* IV grade - the worst quality and commonly known for parts of the product invisible to the eye, it accounts for 25% of the skin.

First grain calfskin, which is considered a class, is mostly used in the craft. Apart from that, there is the following leather:

* Real Leather - Full Grain Calfskin
* Saffiano Leather - Full Grain Calfskin
* Nubuck Leather - Calf Leather
* Vachetta leather - Untreated premium calfskin
* Python - Leather made of - Calf leather
* Crocodile - Leather with Effect - Calfskin
* stingray - Leather z. - Calf skin


Saffiano leather was named by an Italian tannery for a new luxury brand. This week is wider. Originally it was made of the highest quality calf grain. The name Saffiano derives from the print of a cross that has been pressed into the wax covering the leather. kidding to me. Saffiano remains faithful to the impregnation process of the production.


Our high grain calfskin nubuck, which has been polished on the side or outside to give a fine coiled hair to create a velvety texture. It is resistant to the fact that it can be white or colored. We are eager to go through an extra finish. Nubuck is similar to suede, but is formed with the side track, making it more durable, coarser, and finer grain. It is generally more expensive than suede and must be dyed or dyed to cover the sanding and embossing process. The properties of nubuck are similar to those of aniline leather. It is soft to the touch, easy to scratch, water drops can be temporarily darkened (dries up to automatic filling). Our Nubuck comes from a certified Italian Malaigia tannery in the Marche region.


Vachetta is a whole grain leather that is vegetable tanned from cowhide.
For this list, it's worth knowing that it is vegetable tanned and also absorbs traces of life. At the same time, when it matures, it does not deteriorate

First of all, souvenirs, vegetable-tanned leather, that traces of our lives. It follows that it matures without deteriorating. Including aging does not weaken its naturalness. Vegetable tanned leather has for itself traces of traces of our lives. Consequently, it matures without deteriorating. Consequently, naturalness does not weaken its solution. And thus from presenting the signs of the times and uses naturalness and truth as the closest expression.

When we buy Vachetta leather for the first time it is light beige in color, however the deterioration becomes (a process called patina). So I run over the years and in the process of using a dark brown shade. A patina for a process that was unavoidable because Vachetta is susceptible to water, stains and exposure to sunlight. Due to the fact that there is no protective barrier

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