British Handbags worth buying.

British brands are famous for offering high-quality handbags. They are handcrafted in their workshops. In many cases, these are very unique and creative projects. Many of them are famous for their long tradition.

There's something for everyone in our list of 20 British brands. These are brands that deserve your attention and interest. For one simple reason ... Luxurious designs for which they are famous.

1. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was the lead designer at Givenchy until 2004 when he started his own brand business. Its characteristic design, thanks to which it is famous, is a casteel clasp (four rings). Another classic design are handbags with a top handle, satchels, mini handbags, or handbags and crossbody. Which prices sniff between $ 920 and $ 3,500

2. Aspinal of London

Aspinal of London is a British brand created in 2001 in London. Creates luxurious leather bags. Including women. A characteristic feature is their quite classic and vintage patterns. Prices sniff between $ 550 and $ 1,400

3. Hette

The offer of this brand is definitely different from most. The materials they use to make the bags are not typical. 100% wool is used for most of the handbags. And only a few of them are made of linen. Their prices sniff between $ 180 and $ 230

4. Burberry

Burberry is a brand famous for its subtle handbags that are made in a vintage style. Their characteristic feature are the fasteners with triple press studs. Which quickly identify many Burberry collection bags.

Handbags from their collection are made of grain calf leather. Their prices sniff between $ 420 and $ 2,700

5. Carpet Bags of England

Carpet Bags of England in 1974 introduced hand-made brands of handbags to the market. A characteristic feature is that the bags are made of carpet and tapestry fabrics. The style of the handbags refers to the traditional English finishing of carpet handbags. The offer includes bags, purses, clutches, shoulder bags and more. Prices sniff between $ 43 and $ 217

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