Be like a British gentleman

Great Britain has been famous for its iconic and impeccable style for centuries. When it comes to British impeccable and elegant style, Savile Rove in London's West End comes to mind. It is a district famous for its traditional tailoring, which has made it a synonym and standard among men's tailoring.

The first thought that comes to us when talking about a gentleman is Michael Caine, Daniel Craig and Colin Firth. The fact is that craftsmanship and style have become a permanent part of the ethos of British identity. I am a permanent symbol of British culture and style. How then can we find a confessor's style for ourselves? And thus how to navigate through authentic British brands? What to pay attention to?

Tweed Jacket

Tweed is a symbol of the British gentleman and has long known at the forefront of the passing of British style in men's clothing. In this case, the gentleman's wardrobe would be incomplete. Tweed is considered leisure clothing. And historically it was used by the rich living in the British countryside.

And to this day, it is a powerful symbol of the English symbol of men's clothing. It comes from Scotland and was named after the River Tweed. Becoming a synonym for wealth, it suggested that the person who wore it could choose the luxury of the lifestyle of those days. Being involved in active activities such as hunting or shooting.


They say the term "tailor-made" comes from Savile Row. Very famous names with inheritance are Gieves & Hawkes it was originally named as Hawkes & Co in 1912 located on 1 Savile Row.

Cashmere sweater

The most famous of the quality of cashmere is N. Peac, which is the most famous British brand. Their most recognizable store has been boldly found in the Barlington Arcade in Mayfair since 1936. Thanks to his appearance in two James Bond movies, clothes. Daniel Craig in Specter. And also in "Skyfall".

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