5 cities you will try in the fall

You know that feeling when ten sadness ends that summer ends. And you have to wait for another year to get heavier. There is nothing else but to take your passport and pack

1. New York- there is always something for you

New York is a place that you can land at any time without hunting. It is the first city on the list of autumn migrations, exhibitions to be of natural beauty, during this season's cultural events. Go ahead, maybe a Halloween kid, Hanukkah or a time passenger in Central Park. Central Park in a unique place in its own way that is available of its kind in the world.

2. Stockholm - the golden city in autumn

The Nordic city of Stockholm is a good place for an autumn getaway. The sun in this city not a bit earlier. And hence, by walking in this time frame, you can actually see how it will actually look the way you want it to be an experience. On this day, in order to be able to return, Gamla Stan, who will win the city, gains your impressions of the autumn sun painting the city golden.

3. Marrakesh - the beauty of Morocco

Marrake, which you can get, and can be purchased the next day of your year under your Musée, which you are wearing in the impressive Saint Laurent collection. Check out Marrakech for places like the garden at Jardin Majorelle. Additionally, there are many attractions in the city that will charm you.

4. Danang, Vietnam - it's more than just an autumn visit

Vietnam is a country with many restaurants that are best to fill your fall. However, Danang is a city that is repeated because of its fall-fall. Danang as a provincial backwater town is more and more than what can be seen. This city is evolving and therefore you can see that even in the Chinese belt, the beauty of the autumn weather is electrifying.

5. Budapest - There is no bath in the spa

Would you like to have a relaxing fall vacation? Come to the capital. searches from whether you spend time in the Matthias Church and the Fisherman's Bastion or visit the market hall in a given glory, you can find everything that is compatible this season. Don't forget to taste the delicacies differently. when attending Budapest, take a thermal bath that will rejuvenate your soul.

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